Periodical achievement report in Chad SRN
On Jun.12th, 2014, Beijing Jurassic Software Co. Ltd and Société de Raffinage de N’Djaména S.A.(SRN) held an periodical achievement report about earlier cooperation in Ndjamena. Mr. BaoShijie, the president of Jurassic Company, summarized and reported our projects to SRN. Both parties had a pleasant conversation and reached a consensusabout the further cooperation. The conversation was about the project need to be perfect, the solution of company’s informatization and professional training service.At the beginning of 2013, they started positive and effective cooperation on Enterprise ERP, Operation Management System and Localized Training Service. During the project, Jurassic company won highly complement from SRN by excellent services and professional skills, and laid a solid foundation for all-round cooperation of both sides. As an important part of Jurassic overseasstrategic, Chad is the key of our work.And as a professional company, Jurassic company has good reputation and plenty of experiences. And those factors lay the solid foundation to the wider international market.In the future, Jurassic Company will accelerate expansion rate inbusiness and overseas markets in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, South America and other areas, and become an internationalization company step by step.